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riflegun1 發表於 2010-5-16 01:59

Sweden, a lazy country

the winter here is so long, when it cames , what I can do is to sleep. I think swedens make the same thing. that is why i see so little people here

rutianxian 發表於 2010-6-7 14:21

so beautiful country
isn't it?

Xiongx 發表於 2010-6-12 13:00

How comfortable to live in the country.

banolier 發表於 2010-6-17 22:03

Any pic to show us how 'lazy' is it??

aa3696569 發表於 2010-8-15 11:31

Not, Sweden is a lazy, I didn't hear the wrong

信陵君 發表於 2010-8-15 13:46

I want to visit there 。

mnz1986 發表於 2010-12-29 13:47

How comfortable to live in the country

asumalee 發表於 2011-1-23 20:48

I won't say it is lazy but just the life here is a bit slow if compared to cities like London where people walked so fast in the morning or Tokyo where the place never seems to sleep.

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